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Where’s my Kitty? About MonkeyPig Games

MonkeyPigGames aims to make games that you want to play. Simple to learn, hard to master, pleasing to play.

I am Neal Reid and I am a War Gamer.

I have wargamed since I can remember. I was 11 when I bought my first metal Minifigs Polish Lancer from a wargame shop in the Stow, Harlow to go with my thousands of plastic Airfix figures. Forty years later I want to produce all those games I have devised, played, enjoyed, lost and won.

I design games. I don’t write rules. Games are meant to be played. They can entertain, teach, frustrate and give pleasure. Games can be for one person, several people or a whole room full. To be played on a formal occasion, a club meet or down the pub.

I hope you enjoy what is, and will be on offer.

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