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I’ve started this separate blog because the other blog was becoming unsuitable to blog about what I hope is becoming a growing pack of games. I will blog the development of the games – ideas – design – prototype – testing and eventual sale here.

Games will be games – I am not going to be restricted by specific historical periods, or reduce games down to button counting accuracy.

I’ve run games which involved players running around carrying weights and pushing brushes down pipes to simulate a Napoleonic gun crew in action – completely inaccurate to a button counter – but those players had a great understanding of the experience of a gun crew in battle by the end of the day!!

I’ve also run games where players with propellers on their noses run around attempting to shoot down a WW2 B17 made of chairs with MGs made from cardboard rolls on rotating platforms, whilst a navigator player attempted to finish a jigsaw in a limited time frame to represent the stress of flying to and bombing a target.

I’ve run games where players pretended to be members of the French National assembly, jostling for power with photocopied £5 notes, votes on all manner of crisis, and a mocked up guillotine for those that fell out of favour. And plenty of wine.

I’ve run games in the pub beer garden with stones on the bench as Snipers moving around the glasses attempting to outwit the opponent and get a shot in first – real girl attracter that one!!

Games based in history are games. They cannot be anything else. Understand what is going on underneath the action, don’t get hung up on the obvious.

Enjoy them.