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Having only just released the last of the Somme Series of WWI card games, the fertile mind of Neal Reid has produced yet another new card game!

This time it’s a WWII strategy game for the North African campaign, entitled This Hard and Calcined Earth.

This Hard & Calcined Earth

The title is a quotation from the beginning of episode 8 of the famous Thames TV series World At War. Well worth seeing if you haven’t seen it already.

The game itself has been developed, and we are now working on the design of the cards. Prior to the launch of the game, we will be releasing the rules for the game as a free download.

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Developing card games is a new venture for us, but don’t forget, we still have extensive stocks of the best miniatures from Europe especially 15mm medievals from the likes of Mirliton and Baueda. Given the exchange rate at the moment, there’s quite a few bargains to be had for non-E.U. customers.