Development of this game is ongoing – we are looking to release it sometime towards the end of the first quarter. The game fundamentals are sorted and just some play tweaks required. We will soon be looking at graphic needs and card layouts.

In the last update I discussed making the Tribune round mandatory for the 3 player game – and optional for the group game ( because the natural  group gameplay will bring the Tribune round into play). I made a point how I wanted this round mandatory to take away the effect of bad luck on a player – and therefore lose that players interest.

In this update I want to discuss exactly the opposite – adding a bit of luck into the game!. I propose to put an assassination card into the 12 policy cards. When it is two things will happen:

In the 3 player game – the group that lost the policy round before the card is drawn will have one character randomly removed from their group (chosen blind by the other players).The character will be assumed to be assassinated.

In the group game, the character who lost the last policy round by the most difference will be assassinated.

The assassination card will be drawn one per game.

Above is a quick idea for the character card artwork – it is Desmoulins, who stared the guillotine in the face in 1794 and lost.