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A PzKpfw IIIAusf.H of the Afrika Korps advances through soft sand on the way to the front line. The PzKpfw III, shown here with a 5cm main gun, was the most numerous battle tank in Rommel’s armoured divisions during the Gazala operation.

Here is the second of the weekly newsletters to subscribers:

Welcome to the second in the series of newsletters leading up to the

launch of the new WWII card game “This Hard & Calcined Earth” (THACE).

We’ve been busy behind the scenes getting this game ready for

publication.  Here’s where we are at the moment:

[1] The print & play cards are finished.

[2] The print on demand cards are awaiting our printer’s approval.

[3] The rules document has been written and the final layout started.

I estimate that the rules should be ready in 7 days and that we should

have the final print file ready early next week.

Once these are ready we will set a release date.  You can see that we’re

not too far away.

As taster I’ve attached a preview of the card back and the first terrain

card.  The image is from the print & play version of the cards and shows

the various cut lines.

We’ve also worked out what we will be releasing and in what order they

will be released.  It will be in three phases

[1 ] Release of the rules as a free download.

[2a] Print & play pdf version (cards & rules) via Wargame Vault.

[2b] Print on demand (cards only) via Wargame Vault.

[3 ] Printed cards direct from

The first two are definite. We are actively considering the third.

The rules will be released a week before the print & play and print on

demand versions. The only drawback we’ve found is the shipping costs for

printed cards from Wargame Vault to the UK/EU.  They are high and not

ideal given the current exchange rates.

This is why we’re investigating printing a stock of cards in the UK. We

have found a cost-effective UK based printer but would need at least 40

firm orders to make this viable.  At this stage we are considering a

Kickstarter or something similar.

Help us to spread the word.  If you think this game will be of interest

to others feel free to forward this newsletter to them or post it on

your favourite forum.  People can sign up at