BHC 000211
A squadron of Grants from one of Eighth Army’s armoured regiments sweep across the desert in battle order on the 8 June 1942 during an attack on the Cauldron.

Welcome to the third in the series of newsletters leading up to the

launch of the new WWII card game “This Hard & Calcined Earth” (THACE).



You can now download the rules for THACE – – and

we’d welcome any comments, questions or other feedback.

Print & Play


I am pleased to say that the print & play version is now ready.  It will

be released on 12 Nov 2016 through Wargame Vault priced at $14.50.  The

download consists of four files: rules & chronology, cards (A4), cards

(US letter) and instructions for cutting out the cards.



The print on demand set of cards is nearly ready.  We have set a

provisional release date of 19 Nov 2016 through Drive Thru Cards.  They

may be delayed as we have to wait for a proof set to be printed in the

USA and mailed to the UK.  This could take two weeks or more hence the

later release date.  Of course this assumes there’s nothing wrong with

the proof copy: fingers crossed.  When ready the cards will be priced at


UK Retail Stock


As I mentioned in the last newsletter we’re investigating printing a

stock of cards in the UK so we can save you money on postage to the UK &

Europe.  One thing we could do is run a simple pre-order system.  Once

we’d received enough pre-orders to make UK printing viable we would then

send out PayPal requests for people to confirm & pay for their orders.

Cards printed in the UK would be priced at £15.00. Please let us know

what you think about this approach or if you have other suggestions.


Help us to spread the word.  If you think this game will be of interest

to others feel free to forward this newsletter to them or post it on

your favourite forum.  People can sign up at